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Ray Charnell is a sculptor living in Asheville.

      Come see my work in person at:

After moving to Asheville, NC in 1996, I was awe-struck by a local blacksmith's demonstration at a craft fair. Having worked in shipyards in my early 20’s, I was familiar with the industrial use of steel, but this display of manipulating hot metal for art fascinated me. I could picture the endless possibilities created by the flexing and reorientation of metal objects I find. I quickly began attending blacksmithing and welding classes at Haywood Community College to continue my exploration into metal arts. 

As a professional artist, my work has broadened with the addition of forging, plasma cutting and adding vivid colors through various patinas. This combination exposes the natural beauty and strength of the metal. My work now encompasses a diverse array from small wall hangings to large garden sculptures.

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